Friday, June 29, 2012

Automobile Logo Design

Presenting the business image completely and properly is done mainly by Logo of your company. Designing it is not as easy as it sounds, a designer must take care of many things. The three most basic aspects are quality, latest technology used and the motive that the logo is made for, these qualities makes it unique. A Logo should be relevant to the main business of any company.

Automobile Logo Designs

These type logos normally link themselves to the basic automotive parts like bikes, cars, trucks and their different components depending on the products or services any company is offering. Many Automotive companies like to also animate there design itself. For example in order to tell people that a certain company is making tire, this can be done by symbolizing tires in any automobile design.

Silent Features

Usually dark color combination are used in making automotive logo like black, red or dark blue because these colors not only make logo prominent, exciting and adventurous and that's what is needed in any automobile logo. These kinds of logos are usually made strong and reliable. Secondly the fonts that are used are usually freestyle or big fonts such as Gothic fonts etc. To improve this, they add a feel of sports to bikers and sports car drivers all over the world.


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